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Lori's Students Speak Out!

"Lori, You once told me to put my sweet swing in motion and success was destined to follow. How's this for sweet? I learned from the best - YOU!  Thanks again for your inspiration!" ~ Wendy Ward ~

"I have accomplished more with Lori in a short amount of time than I did through years of working with other golf instructors. She has a unique ability to break things down and translate them into a language that any skill level can easily understand. Through her instruction and teaching techniques I have taken my game to the next level."    ~ Calvin Miner

"Lori - Just a short note to let you know what a great instructor I think you are. You have a gift for making things appear easy so that even the most 'challenged' student (Julie, not me) can understand and learn! Thanks for being you and know that you are greatly appreciated!" ~ Garlena ~

"I was very impressed with your instruction. I liked very much your problem/solution/drill approach. I liked that you addressed the basics first as well. I think many instructors forget the basics, especially with a low handicap or professional golfers. With your determination and instructional skills it is now easy for me to see why you have built such a successful instructional business." ~ Bill Kirkendall ~

"Lori, you are an AMAZING instructor! My game has dramatically improved since you have been my coach. You have helped me to develop proper techniques for my entire short game, helped me to develop course management skills, and you have communicated swing changes effectively. Honestly, my game would not have excelled like it has if it had not been for you! Thanks for tolerating my 'Jaywalker' moments and teaching me so much about the game of golf." ~ Lindsey ~ 

"I went to Lori Brock because of her reputation for short game improvement. That decision has made such a difference in my enjoyment of golf. My game has improved tremendously. I cut nearly 6 strokes off my handicap in the first month of instruction. I've recommended Lori to all my friends! (Except the ones I want to beat - then I keep her a secret!) Although Lori is great with competitive golfers, I think she can make an even greater impact on the average golfer. Her communication is outstanding. She breaks down complex movements into simple to understand language and feelings. She helps you play smarter and find the golf game that works for you." ~Melissa Hill~ 2003 EWGA National Champion, 3rd Flight

"Lori really personalizes each student's instruction. As she examines your swing, she points out the areas which need improvement and demonstrates specific drills which help you get the feel for the right swing path. She doesn't overload the student with too many swing thoughts.  After taking her clinic for eight weeks, my drives are straighter and longer. I feel much more confident over the ball and my swing is much more consistent. I had my first Hole-in-One and WON the KAWGA 2003 1st flight Championship. I really had my best summer of golf ever!" ~ Carol H.~

"Thank you Lori! In less than one season, you helped me drop my handicap from a 28 to a 17. I tell everyone about you and highly recommend you to anyone interested in taking their game to the next level. You are the absolute best!" ~ Sandy Waggett~


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